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With Grandma

My Grandma, Edith Yops, feeding my aunt, Jacqueline

My great-grandma (Left) Alice Fredette and my Gram, Edith Yops (R)
My Aunt Jackie (L) and Gram Edith Yops and Dad Rich Yops
My Dad Rich Yops and Gram Edith Yops at the Cicotte St. house
Aunt Jackie and Gram Edith Yops at Gram's Bristol Hills apt (the 121, lower level)
My Gram, Edith Yops, and Dad, Rich Yops, with my sister Gretchen and brother Christian (stop sucking your finger!)
My Gram at my Dad's house - bet she had just finished a few batches of choc chip cookies and a few apple pies

Picture and greeting message from my Gram, Edith Yops, Christmas 2010 (her last)

Grandma's First Boyfriend

Bluie LaFee was my grandma's first boyfriend. He's pictured above, to the right. His sister's name was Midlred and she was the same age as Grandma's sister, Monica. Mildred and Monica would have to push Gram and Bluie in buggies and the older sisters hated it. Grandma told me that Bluie, "...was a nice boy but was full of the devil." Apparently, he had a bad mouth.