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August Franz Globensky and wife, Marie

Received an email today from a distant cousin who shared information about my great-great-great-great-great grandparents. I was also able to learn more about them (as luck would have it) on Wikipedia! As of tonight, I'm still sifting through all of the information that I've learned but wanted to post the pictures I have found of August Franz Globensky and his wife, Marie. Below is the ancestry line that extends over time to me.

My grandmother, Edith Fredette Yops, daughter of
Alice Argle Fredette, daughter of
Ellen Lambert Argle, daughter of
Lucie Globensky Lambert, daughter of
Joseph Globensky, son of
August Franz Globensky and wife Marie (both pictured, above).

Berndt Brothers

Below is a picture of my great-grandmother Emma's brothers - Henry and Leo.

August and Emma Yops

These are two new pictures of my great-grandparents, August Daniel Yops and Emma Marie Berndt Yops.  August and Emma were my grandfather, August Ernest Yops', parents. They were born in Germany and traveled to the United States around 1872.

Yops Family

Just received some pictures from my cousin, Chris. Our grandparents were brother and sister - my grandpa, August Yops, and her grandmother, Elsie Yops Kramer.  Both were the children of August Daniel Yops and Emma Marie Berndt Yops. The handwriting in the picture, below, is Elsie's.

The below picture of my great-grandmother, Emma, is a new one that I just received. Emma died in 1913 after cancer of the uterus. I can't help but think of what she must have had to endure not only in treatment, but the diagnosis of the cancer. I'm not sure what type of medicinal processes were available to her at that time.

Here is a picture of August and Emma with their family (before 1905, when my grandpa would be born). This picture shows  my grandpa's sisters - many who would pass away before their adult years. Elsie is the youngest. Hattie (on the left) would die in the flu epidemic of 1918 and Mattie would die young as well. Again, the writing on this picture is Elsie's, and I believe that the woman next to Emma (on her right) is her sister, Doris. I'm not sure, though.  And, I'm not sure about the woman and man to Emma's right.

Sisters - (L to R) Elsie, Mattie, and Leona

Picture of Hattie Yops LaBeau.

My grandpa's brother, Arthur (Art) Yops

These are pictures of Elsie Yops Kramer and her husband George. George was an owner of Kramer-Eberts Pontiac dealership in River Rouge, Mi. My grandpa, August, as a car painter there.

And, this is a picture of Aunt Nora and Uncle Freddy. I'm not sure how they fit in - any information is welcomed!

THANKS again to my distant cousins in Washington who sent more Argle/Fredette pictures. My family and I have enjoyed them so much. Wish Grandma was here to tell us stories about who/what/where.

Veronica is Aunt Monica, my grandma's sister and Uncle Frank. My dad thinks this pic was taken at the stairs of the Cicotte St. house in River Rouge.

Jack and Madeline were siblings of my grandma, and Rhea and Joann were the children of Marion (Aunt Edith's daughter. Aunt Edith was Great -grandma Alice Fredette's sister.)

Marion was Aunt Edith's daughter, and Aunt Monica was grandma's sister. This picture is taken just before 22 September 1917, the day my grandma was born.

I really enjoy knowing my family history, and I'm so excited when new information comes my way. Thank you to recent family/friends who have shared information and pictures with me.

William Argle is my great-great grandfather. He was a soilder in the Civil War during the last year of the war. Later in life, he lived at the Grand Rapids solider's home and is buried there. My grandma, Edith, said that her mother, Alice Argle Fredette, was not able to go to the funeral.

William and his wife, Amelia Krause, had children. Amelia died when son, Charles, was 15 and my great-grandma, Alice, only 5.  William was able to work, and live, at the Bay City Children's Home.

1. CHARLES WILLIAM ARGLE, b 14 Jul 1874 probably in Bay City MI. He died after the 1930 census of Snohomish County, Washington. His name appears in an online transcription of Marysville Cemetery in that county, but birth and death dates are not shown. A newspaper article states a descendant has placed a new headstone on Charles' and his wife's graves. Snohomish Co censuses list Charles as a blacksmith, sawmill laborer, shingle mill laborer. Charles married in King Co WA in 1907 Elizabeth Pfromm, b ca 1875 MI, d 24 Feb 1943 Snohomish WA. Elizabeth was the daughter of Catherine (Schriner) Pfromm and granddaughter of Christina (Argle) Schriner.

2. SARAH ARGLE, b ca 1876.

3. FRANK FREDRICK ARGLE, b 9 Oct 1880, d 7 Feb 1936, buried Beaver Township Cemetery, Auburn MI. Married 25 Sep 1904 Mary Lederer, b 19 Jul 1882, d 8 Mar 1959.

4. EDITH S. ARGLE, b ca 1883, m Bay City MI 19 Nov 1901 Charles Simon Smith, b 16 Jun 1881. They lived in Flint, Michigan.

5. ALICE ARGLE, b Aug 1885, m Bay City 27 Feb 1906 George Fredette.
The picture, below, has my grandma and aunt when they were young girls. I can see myself in the face of my grandma, Edith :)
(L to R) George Fredette, Edith Argle, Alice Argle Fredette, Frank Argle, (front) Madeline Fredette Goniea, Edith Fredette Yops

6. EMMA ARGLE, b 12 Aug 1887 Bay City. Twin to Willis; both died in infancy.

7. WILLIS ARGLE, b 12 Aug 1887 Bay City. Twin to Emma; both died in infancy.

With Grandma

My Grandma, Edith Yops, feeding my aunt, Jacqueline

My great-grandma (Left) Alice Fredette and my Gram, Edith Yops (R)
My Aunt Jackie (L) and Gram Edith Yops and Dad Rich Yops
My Dad Rich Yops and Gram Edith Yops at the Cicotte St. house
Aunt Jackie and Gram Edith Yops at Gram's Bristol Hills apt (the 121, lower level)
My Gram, Edith Yops, and Dad, Rich Yops, with my sister Gretchen and brother Christian (stop sucking your finger!)
My Gram at my Dad's house - bet she had just finished a few batches of choc chip cookies and a few apple pies

Picture and greeting message from my Gram, Edith Yops, Christmas 2010 (her last)