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George Fredette, my great-grandfather

My great-grandparents' wedding certificate - George Fredette and Alice Argle - February 27, 1906
Newspaper obituaries for George Fredette's death (sorry they're so small)
Pamphlet for George Fredette's death

My grandma, Edith Yops

My grandma, Edith Fredette Yops, as a child, in River Rouge MI
Grandma at 16/17 yrs old at Jean Bradley's house, on James St. in River Rouge. Jean's dad ran a "blind big" saloon in the basement. No one knew as this was in the bootlegging days.
(L to R) Uncle Bernard (Gram's brother), Grandma, and Grandpa August Yops at the Elm St. apartment
Grandma with her sister, Madeline, just after Gram and Grandpa were married
Grandma when she was pregnant with Jackie
With the Goniea's - (L to R) Bob, Grandma, Phillip, and Aunt Madeline Goniea with Uncle Howard in the back
Grandma with her brother, Frank Fredette
Grandma with my dad, Richard, and aunt, Jackie
Grandma (R) with Great-grandma Alice Argle Fredette (L), in what looks like the Cicotte St. house in Rouge


Grandpa August Yops and my Grandma with their son, my dad

My grandpa, in the right, holding my dad

My handsome grandpa with my aunt (on the left)

My grandpa and my dad

My dad :)

George and Alice Fredette

My great-grandparents were George and Alice Fredette (parents of my grandmother, Edith Marie Fredette Yops). They met for the first time in Bay City, Michigan, which was the location of their first home.

Before they were married, George was an ice man. He sold ice that was cut off from Saginaw Bay. He'd sell the ice off the ice wagon that would go around the community. Alice worked at a laundry doing ironing in Bay City, MI at a hotel.
For Thanksgivings, the family would have goose instead of turkey because "Dad (George) didn't like it".

George made a homemade radio for the household. It was a chest out of wood, with dials, and included electricity. George would try to pick up stations. My grandma (a young girl then) said that it would squeak a lot, but it would work...sometimes.

Yops Kids

At Grandma Yops' apartment - Oct 1984

In Uncle Billy's pool - Wyandotte MI - with Uncle Garry Copado


Remember that a world can close
Today, or next week
and become a memory.

A warm life suddenly shut
Still loved, smelled, felt
Sneaking thoughts unexpectedly.

Common routines afterward enhanced
Brewing coffee, cooking food
First outside light streaming through the front door.

Thoughts hopping around
Like the shoes of young
A batch of goodness to indulge in daily and forever more.

- Alison Sayers
10 July 2011

Family Lines

The following family lines will be shared on this blog and more will be added as information becomes available:

Alison's Paternal:
  • Yops (Jobst) family
  • Fredette family
  • Berendt family
Alison's Maternal:
  • Copado family
  • Wagner family
Alison in Marriage:
  • Sayers family
  • Parnell family

Purpose of this Blog

Welcome to my family site which I begin with hopes for sharing family ancestry information with relatives of mine who wish to learn. Our family has a deep history here in the United States and I believe that my life holds greater meaning knowing who came before me and created a foundation for who I am and what I have been able to accomplish. Just think - if our ancestors hadn't made the choices they did, our lives would be completely different, and it is possible that we wouldn't have existed at all. Their lives and stories are important and I hope that this can be a forum where we can share information, learn with one another and celebrate the lives of those who have passed.