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My grandma, Edith Yops

My grandma, Edith Fredette Yops, as a child, in River Rouge MI
Grandma at 16/17 yrs old at Jean Bradley's house, on James St. in River Rouge. Jean's dad ran a "blind big" saloon in the basement. No one knew as this was in the bootlegging days.
(L to R) Uncle Bernard (Gram's brother), Grandma, and Grandpa August Yops at the Elm St. apartment
Grandma with her sister, Madeline, just after Gram and Grandpa were married
Grandma when she was pregnant with Jackie
With the Goniea's - (L to R) Bob, Grandma, Phillip, and Aunt Madeline Goniea with Uncle Howard in the back
Grandma with her brother, Frank Fredette
Grandma with my dad, Richard, and aunt, Jackie
Grandma (R) with Great-grandma Alice Argle Fredette (L), in what looks like the Cicotte St. house in Rouge

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  1. Awesome pics..........some of these I have not seen......

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