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ALISON CATHLEEN (YOPS) SAYERS - b. 19 October 1979 - m. SEAN SAYERS 16 July 2005
  1. RICHARD DENNIS YOPS - b. 21 December 1945 Detroit, MI- m. CAROL COPADO 1978 River Rouge, MI
  2. AUGUST ERNEST YOPS- b. 1905 Detroit, MI d. 1952- m. EDITH MARIE FREDETTE, MI
    • August was named after his father, AUGUST DANIEL, and was known as a fun-loving, kind man. His wife, EDITH MARIE, told her granddaughter that at his funeral the line of people that attended stretched around the block. EDITH said that AUGUST remembered everyone that he had ever met.
  3. EMMA MARIE BERNDT - b. Germany d. 1913 Wyandotte, MI m. AUGUST DANIEL YOPS, Wyandotte MI.
    • According to her obituary, Emma died after many surgeries intended to treat cancer of the uterus.
  4. JOHANN BERENT - b. Germany d. Wyandotte, MI
    • Johann and his family left Germany and traveled on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at Locust Point in Baltimore, MD's harbor.