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My grandmother, Edith Marie Fredette Yops, recently passed away on Wednesday, July 7, 2011. She said good-bye to us peacefully.

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Frank and Alice Fredette with children (L to R) Madeline, Jack, and my grandma, Edith
Early Fredette family, my Great-grandfather, George, included as a young boy

Edith was my grandmother and her father was George Fredette. George was born in 1881, and both his mother's and fathers' family was from France. My grandma, Edith, remembered him as very loving to his family and on Saturdays he would go downtown (Detroit) and bring items home for mother (his wife, Alice Argle Fredette).
George Fredette
My great-great-grandmother, Ellen Lambart Fredette, taught my grandma to make chocolate pudding. Ellen also made celery soup. She would go get sugar in bags and then make pajamas out of those bags. She almost lost their home during the Depression, and was a very loving woman.
Ellen, in center, with her Fredette boys: Fred, Niel, George (my great-grandfather) Leo, Louis, Frank, and Edward
The Fredette boys
 Grandma said that her dad, George, had three "old maid" sisters. Aunt Kate was Grandma's favorite. She would call grandma (or say about another) "Jack Frost Kid".

Ellen, in center, with her Fredette girls: (L to R) Lucy, Kate, Helen, Margaret

Fredette boys and girls - (Top L to R) George, Louie, Leo, Frank, Will, Ed (Bottom L to R) Margaret, Lucy, Fred, Helen, Kate
Fredette boys and girls